Friday, February 12, 2010

It Takes a Village . . .

and my village wants me out.
Some years ago now, I went to church, because not going to church while my grandparents still lived would make a bigger statement, cause a rift I didn't want to have to leap, but then I couldn't restrain myself from pointing out the arbitrary nature of the hand gestures. I made up my own sign of the cross that involved touching the nose and then the finger tips together for the benefit of my fidgety little cousin in the pew in front of me. He was, of course, highly diverted by this and didn't remain bored and undiverted as one should in church, as a child. I was distracting him from God. Somehow the fact that he was rapt could be felt through the airwaves and all the mothers in the vicinity snapped their heads around to see what he was doing--whatever it was, he shouldn't be doing it!--and saw him looking at me. Obviously, he, evil little elf or not, could not be blamed for not paying attention in church if I was distracting him. Invisible daggers flowed from five pairs of eyes into my head.
What? I thought, I've distracted him from this equation: God is Love, Love is Boredom, Boredom is a Twitchy Inability to do anything that might please yourself, Twitchy Inability is Good Behavior, Good Behavior is the Death of the Self, Death of the Self is Knowledge of God . . . stop me when you disagree.
But the biggest problem the village sees in my behavior is my inability to understand human weakness. Can't I see that most people need God as a crutch, as an opiate to withstand this vale (veil) of tears called Life on Earth? Why can't I leave them this crutch? Why do I insist upon kicking it out from under their arm and shouting, "Walk! Walk! You know you can walk!" Just because I don't find that hypothesis necessary, why do I laugh at those who do?
I don't believe I laugh. I believe I am only asking them, asking seriously, what if you subtracted this assumption from your list? What then? Would you view the world differently? Would you be happier? If illusions are making you unhappy, miserable in fact, why are you holding on to them? Need we all follow this ancient template of right living? How's it working out for you?

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