Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The History of Pain

What pain?
It's hard to remember the worst of the thoracic outlet syndrome, because now with a little attention to my posture as I write, frequent breaks and flossing my ulnar nerve, I feel pretty good. I'm back to occasional numbness in the right hand and stiffness on the right side of my neck. Slowly it will recede until I can't remember that either, won't be able to recall which side it was on.
Flossing my ulnar nerve looks like I'm slapping paint on the wall next to me, right hand out to the side, bending at the elbow. It feels good, though. Not the tingling associated with your foot waking up after it's been asleep. More a cool clear trickle of water down a dry gully--ahh!
Rotating my head for the physical therapy exercises I can hear a grating sound--my neck vertebrae grinding on sand. Circles with my left shoulder (not the bad one) make a horrid crunching sound. Melba toast under teeth. The paint-slapping more features a tough fibrous-sounding snap past the bones in my elbow which is pretty alarming, but is followed by such relief I put up with it.
Turns out I have little capacity to withstand pain. I thought I was stoic, but what I am is pain-averse. I will change my habits in a hot minute if they give me any negative feedback. No wonder I can't smoke or drink!

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