Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All About Satisfaction

Here's how I know I'm not an alcoholic. I have been to Al-Anon meetings and visited cherished relatives at Hazelden this fall and based on what I learned, I am not an alcoholic. I do drink. Wine. But I do not have the necessary self-hatred nor the desire to punish those I may hold responsible for any pain I feel. Then there's my tolerance. Way too low to get me in any trouble. I hate feeling like shit and I won't do it. Not even to make you feel better about being an alcoholic. I won't stress eat, or eat to keep you company. I can't smoke even one cigarette. What I am addicted to are my own self-generated endorphins. And coffee.
So it turns out I'm a Euro-drinker. It's not that I've never felt the temptation to just go ahead and overindulge. Sure, I have. I've even done it, but then felt no compulsion to do it all over again the next day.
The first glass tastes great. The second is quickly affected by the law of diminishing returns. When tempted to a third glass, I find tannins have turned my tongue to leather. Time for a nice cup of coffee! (Yes, I'm a foodie. Low-end farmers market type, not single-source cacao type. I don't have the cash to be that snobby kind.) Just one glass relaxes me plenty. I don't have that far to go to feel fine. But I have no plan to teetotal. Neither do I diet. I'll go into the deprivation/indulgence cycle later.
I'm all about satisfaction myself.

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