Monday, February 21, 2011

Another reason not to jog

. . . is stress incontinence. The kind where if you cough really hard, or sneeze so the roof flaps even a little, or just try to run in place as part of a shape-up routine your son is roping you into, a little bit of pee is forced past the sphincter. That little ring of muscle is all that keeps you from one of the major horrors of homelessness. You can get a surgeon to tie you a little tighter in that area with a noose of surgical thread, but I prefer to just not jog. Now why should this formerly snugly fitting biological washer begin to relax? It's not like a baby came out of that hole and stretched it out so bad it can never go back. You can Kegel it up to a tighter fit, to some extent, but part of the aging process is this progressive relaxation of what used to be tight and firm and I don't think Botox in that area can do anything positive.
Yet another indignity. Ah, well.

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